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Mind Justice,
a New Name and Direction for
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse

2004 has become the year to evaluate the history
of mind control activism and the lack of significant progress.

The failures in activism efforts are a major reason for the name change to Mind Justice. Why is it that mind control is repeatedly cited in major publications as a conspiracy theory and despite our efforts, not one expert, nonvictim or professional will support this issue publicly in any meaningful way? By any standard, the activism of victims is not working. While the situation is far from hopeless and there are activism efforts that can work, past activist efforts have failed and change is now essential. This is a positive evaluation and failures are lessons to apply to the future, not as the personal failings of myself or other activists. Mind control activism efforts, including Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse have been directed to asking for help, especially writing letters to congress, the media, experts etc. This activity alone can ease the tremendous pain of a victim as just surviving the experience is a major accomplishment. But it has earned victims a conspiracy label that has become even more entrenched in the last few years. After years of mind control activism, the general public and press still do not accept victim allegations. Victims have been unable to provide solid evidence of their wild sounding claims, there is little credible information on mind control and much of information on related weapons is classified. While the feasibility of mind control technology has never been disproven, this fact has not been convincing to most people. Alleged victims have become more disenfranchised and reporters rarely give the issue a serious examination. The question now is how to break out of this cycle of failure. As director of Mind Justice, I have discussed these questions with many victims and experts. As a result, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse has a new name, Mind Justice, to reflect goals that are more focused. Over and over, experience has shown that human rights groups, lawyers and government experts need evidence to tie allegations to the perpetrator before they will help in any meaningful way. This fact has never changed and the history of radiation and other national security experimentation confirms that it never will. This is the only system we have to work with. Therefore Mind Justice is changing its main focus to obtaining evidence. The goal now is to work as a group on gathering verifiable and reliable evidence. Thanks to mind control activist's information gathering efforts, Mind Justice has compiled the growing evidence of very under-publicized, highly classified neurological weapons comparable to the atomic bomb and their attendant human rights abuses and this has led to tremendous progress. But now, evidence is needed, rather than just more information. Mind Justice has and will continue to evaluate similar, successful campaigns of other human rights groups. In addition, based on history, experience and discussion, Mind Justice is adopting a new approach applying the scientific method and investigative expertise.

The focus of Mind Justice in the next few years will be on a major fund-raiser for a 60 Minutes style-investigation.

Given the complexity of the issue, which involves national security, weapons, neuroscience and electromagnetic radiation technologies, working with experts such as investigative reporters, private investigators, scientific experts and more is the next logical step. Mind control activists have done as much as they can but to make further progress, experts are imperative. Notable results have come from working with experts and the work has barely begun. As seen in the lessons of radiation experimentation, once there are government documents tying victim allegations to the perpetrators or similarly, in the case of mind control experiments, once there is scientific documentation tying victim allegations to the perpetrators, then the public, congress, lawyers, experts and the media will have the requisite evidence for help to follow.

Mind Justice also plans to utilize a proven method to obtain classified documents advocated by Professor Philip Melanson in his 2001 book, Secrecy Wars.

After developing substantial evidence as described above, Mind Justice is planning for the next step. As described in the 2001 book, Secrecy Wars by Professor Philip H. Melanson, the model of the Assassination Records Review Board was a "highly successful and novel experiment in public disclosure". A citizen panel appointed by the president was given full legal access to all agency records relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and 4.5 million documents were released. Professor Melanson recommends this model for areas in which:
  1. There is a historic, long-running subject encompassing both old and new records over a period of many years or decades.
  2. The topic is politically sensitive or contentious.
  3. There is a large volume of records.
  4. The regular disclosure process is not working, in terms of timeframe, reasonable release, or both(that is, too slow, too much secrecy).
Professor Melanson stated that this model could include the radiation exposure of US troops during atomic testing and experimental testing of unwitting human subjects by US military and intelligence agencies. His book describes the process in detail, including that the boards should have a fixed, four-year term and need a staff component of lawyers who are expert regarding disclosure laws and the secrecy system.

Conclusions on activism and Mind Justice's new goals

Mind Justice is still working to stop alleged government mind control experiments and will continue to work on gathering reliable information on this underreported and complex issue. Related information from many different sources over the years continues to support evidence of highly classified government neuroscience weapons programs. Or at the least, current government neuroscience programs to decode the brain and currently classified neuroweapons have created the same need for new laws and neuroethics discussions. As a result of evaluating the new information on neuroscience and weapons and also past activism failures, Mind Justice is now focusing on new goals and projects. Applying my legal education, learning from history and practicing scientific and investigative methods, all have changed my approach to this issue and works better than any other I know. Changes made now can bring concrete results in the near future. A thorough, impartial investigation of the allegations of government mind control experiments has never been done and will be the main focus for Mind Justice in 2005 and beyond. Professor Melanson's model for the Assassinations Records Review Board will be a possible next step for Mind Justice once evidence is developed by a 60 minutes-type investigation. My hope is that you will join me in this effort. A special thank you to all who have networked, supported and contributed hard-to-find information to meet the goal of stopping illegal government use of new nonlethal electromagnetic weapons on citizens around the world.

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