2012. június 15., péntek

The 2009 book Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science is Changing Our World by Zack Lynch cites Mind Justice. This book is a great overview of the growing relevance of brain science today.

Page 177 on neurowarfare: "Extreme stories and wildy paranoid suppositions about such weapons are frequently posted on the Web site of Mind Justice . . . [Jonathan] Moreno believes that the various neuroweapons already developed, and those on the horizon, would never be operated within our society, but only against enemy combatants. But he qualifies that belief as being just one guy's opinion, and adds that it may be human nature, at least for most of us, to want to deny that potential negatives may be looming. "We already operate in comfortable self-denial," he says, "regarding how much is already known and shared about us from our credit card usage, Internet clicks, and so on. So it is not hard to understand why there are so many paranoiac ideas in circulation, even among articulate, educated and highly qualified people." . . . He has had several conversations with Cheryl Welsh, director of Mind Justice. Once he asked if there was any evidence he could present that might prove to her that she was wrong. Her response: "There isn't any way."

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