2012. március 10., szombat


This study and subsequent ones verified the fact that a number
of drugs could conveniently be used to take over the human mind
against the will of the individual. Through the use of drugs, the
skilled mind controller could first induce a hypnotic trance. Then,
one of several behavior modification techniques could be employed
with amplified success. In themselves, without directed suggestions,
drugs affect the mind in random ways. But when drugs are
combined with hypnosis, an individual can be molded and
manipulated beyond his own recognition.
The government's interest in controlling minds and motivating
involuntary behavior was focused not only on individuals but also
on large groups. Mass hypnosis and "crowd psychology" were well-
known phenomena, and to that end propaganda techniques had
already been developed. But mass "narcosis" was a new concept out
of which grew the idea of "nonkill" warfare, where vast populations
could simultaneously, or in one action, be drugged into submission.

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