2012. március 13., kedd

Bioelectric Terrorism: Analysis Of Possible Threat
Grigoriev O.A.1, Grigoriev Y.G.2, Stepanov V.S.2, Chekmarev O.M.3
  1. Center of electromagnetic safety*, Moscow
  2. SSC (State Scientific Center) Institute of biophysics, Moscow
  3. Center of State sanitary control of administrative department of President of the Russian Federation, Moscow

The principle possibility of the use of biological action of the electromagnetic field (EMF) by terrorist elements is examined, and also the respective possible ways, methods and aims of electromagnetic influence on bio-object, corresponding measures on warning of negative consequences of such influence are analyzed. The article is prepared on the basis of the materials of lecture by authors at the 2nd International conference "World association against globalization of criminality and terrorism", holding in Moscow on January 20-21, 2004.

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